4 Common Shower Repair Problems Faced by Average Surrey Homeowners

Showers are significant fixtures in any home. But when the units fail, as they will sometimes do, it’s important to contact your local surrey plumber immediately.

Regardless of how efficiently they are maintained, shower units will occasionally get faulty and require fixing. And the worst part of it is that these faults have a propensity for presenting themselves when you least expect them to. Picture a situation where you are already late for a crucial trip or an appointment.

You walk into the shower, turn it on but then realize the pressure is not high enough to sustain a quick bath. That’s just one of the common problems many Surrey homeowners have to contend with. In this post, we shall uncover these typical shower faults and how a shower repair contractor in Surrey could help you out.

Common Shower Problems

There are obviously so many problems your shower system could face. Most of these problems result from a stress in the system. The stress is normally caused by high water pressure or blockages. However, even a well-maintained shower unit will still undergo a degree of wear and tear, thereby subjecting it to significant unit failure.

1. Low Flow

As we have already indicated, low flow, or low water pressure is indeed the most common shower-related problem among Surrey homeowners.

Usually the problem occurs when limescale gradually builds up on the shower head. Evidently, the problem can be temporarily addressed by descaling your shower head. If you prefer a long-lasting solution, you could get a home booster-pump.

These pumps work alongside monitor systems that are intelligently designed to restore any dips in water pressure. However, it is important to remember that even with a home booster-pump in place, you will still need to descale your shower head from time to time.

2. A Blown Pressure-Relief Device

The main purpose of a pressure relief device is to cushion your showers from rupturing when pressure rises beyond standards that the system can sustain. Instead of the shower unit blowing as a result of high internal water pressure, it is these devices that blow up. So, blowing up is part of its design. However, it is imperative to detect when the device has ruptured and possibly have it replaced.

A blown pressure-relief device is shown by a dysfunctional shower system such as leaks and the sheer inability for the system to function. However, before replacing the PRD, it is important to establish the cause for the rupture. Blockages caused by sediments or debris in the shower hose and shower head account for the most cases of ruptured PRDs.

3. Sudden Bursts Of Hot Water

This problem normally presents itself even when the shower is not apparently in use. You may have noticed that after flushing the toilet or turning the sink faucet on, cold water flows from the shower to fill the vacuum left.

This leaves you with hot water, which can be very dangerous. You could easily get the problem fixed by having your Surrey plumber replace your toilets and faucets with the modern, high-efficiency varieties.

4. Noisy Shower

Here’s another common shower-related problems, but one whose fixing should be quick and easy, especially if you hire a qualified plumber. One way the plumber will fix a noisy shower is to safely secure the entire unit to the wall.

Also, they will use brackets to secure all the pipes providing water to the unit. Your surrey plumber may also recommend other remedies depending on the scope of the problem.

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