How To Find A Hidden Water Leak In House

The water leak is a disaster for any homeowner. Water can damage your valuable things, furniture, and walls. Sometimes hidden water leaks can go undetected for weeks or even for months. It is particularly dangerous because it can cause extensive damage before you notice them. If you feel a leak in your house, but do not how to find it, you need a professional to find the problem and fix it.

  1. Review Your Water Bill: If you suspect a water leakage problem in your house, monitor the water bill. A sudden increase in the bill could indicate a water leak. Monitoring water bills can be a helpful clue. The best way to find the leakage is to keep water bills organized. It is good to compare your current bill with the past few months’ bills. Be of the opinion about water usage and rates.
  2. Look For Mold Signs: Smart homeowners are always looking after their properties. Because they know the value of the investment. But finding a leak problem can be difficult for anyone. If you find unusual color changes in your wall paint, walls, and ceiling, it is a clear sign of the growth of mold. Check your bathroom, kitchen cabinet, under the sink, and drains regularly.
  3. Inspect Your Water Meter: Turn off all faucets, the dishwasher, and the washing machine. Keep an eye on your water meter. If it begins to change, definitely you have a leakage problem. Check your meter after a couple of hours. You may have a slow-moving leakage problem. If you are experiencing this problem, take expert advice.
  4. Check Exterior Usage: Leakage problem does not always occur inside the house, it can happen outside as well. Check your outside spigots by attaching a garden hose. If water leaks through the connection while the hose is running, check to see all connections are tight. A system with even a small leak could be wasting a lot of water per month.

If you suspect a leak anywhere in your house, call a professional at Well Done Plumbing, Heating, and Drainage to make a repair as soon as possible. Don’t wait until it gets worse and you end with a real mess on your hands.