How to Purify Rainwater in Tanks?

Ages ago people used to collect rainwater in the clay pots and various barrels placed outside during the rainy seasons. But,as we developed technologically, the environment is filled with chemicals and pollutants making it not fit for drinking. TThus, in order to make it perfect for consumption, you need to purify the rainwater.

Here are some of the easiest methods to purify the rainwater collected in your tank!

Chlorine- Cheap & Easy Method

The most abundantly used method is the cheapest and easiest method- Chlorine. It has been used as an effective disinfectant for more than a decade. Abot 2.3 fl oz of chlorine is enough for 1000 gallons of water. It is important to take note of the chlorine added in the water to ensure it does not activate its reactive nature. They can easily combine with the organic matter and create compounds like chloroform. Now, in order to remove the chlorine odor and taste from the water, activated carbon filters are added.

Ultraviolet Light- Not too Cheap Method
Another best and the most used method to purity water is Ultraviolet light rays. UV light rays have been available and accessible to humans for more than 50 years now! UV rays penetrate the cells of the microorganisms, disrupt the genetic makeup and disable the ability to further reproduce and form colonies. And, this works the best with tandem. Thus, the rainwater must be passed through the filter first. Using UV light rays is an effective way to get rid of pathogens or other microorganisms. However, you need to make sure to replace the UV bulb every 12 months to ensure an effective cleaning and disinfection.

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