How to unclog a garage floor drain at your home?

A garage is a special place in the house that can be used for almost anything. It not only protects the vehicles but also ensures the entire security of the house. Even more so, you can have a workshop, hobby area, workout space, or entertainment area here. Since the garage can serve so many things at a time, it is important to have a floor drain in the garage. Make sure to collect, redirect the water that might leak or take a spill. Of course, dirt and debris might even go back to the garage floor drain causing a clog.

If you have a clogged drain or the drain has backed up, then here are certainly simple and easy steps to get rid of it.

  • Start with locating the drain in the garage. Also, remember, that the concrete floor has a habit of sloping towards the drain in order to divert in a certain direction.
  • Take off the grate- either unscrew it or have the grate that covers the drain off.
  • Inspect the blockage in the drain. Get a flashlight, pair of gloves, and a small tool like a screwdriver. Use the tool to get rid of the dirt and debris that has been accumulated in the drain for so long.
  • Flush the drain with hot water- after clearing the debris as much as possible. Pour the hot boiling water into the drain to get rid of other stains and break up the remaining sediments.
  • Reattach the Grate. It is time to clean the drain and then make sure that the drain does not back up next time, and recollect the water or have a leak.

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