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You just got home from a busy and tiresome day and getting ready to take a relaxing hot bath. To your surprise, you realize the water is completely freezing once you turn on the tap. Will you try to fix the hot water heater yourself? No just don’t because professionals are here to rescue you from such predicaments. We always provide permanent solutions to any plumbing and heating issues and leave our clients satisfied and happy. is a well-established plumbing company that offers exceptional SURREY HOT WATER HEATER REPAIR at an affordable cost. Wherever we go to offer services, we first diagnose the entire hot water heater system and use the necessary techniques and tools to fix everything in the stipulated time. Whether you do use an electric or gas hot water heater, call us immediately when your system malfunctions.

Some Common Issues with Hot Water Heater:
a) No Hot Water at All

When your water heater system produces cold water out of your shower, the chances are your water heater thermostat is malfunction. We professional open the device, examine the thermostat and use the right tools to fix it. Besides, we replace a broken hot water heater at an affordable cost if the issue is extreme.

b) Not Producing Enough Hot Water

When deposits accumulate in your water tank, they reduce the capability of the shower to produce enough hot water. We thoroughly clean any heater by flushing all existing deposits and bring it to working in no time. Moreover, the dip tube might have cracked if the thermostat or tank has no problem. This affects the overall shower’s temperature and the best choice is to replace it.

c) Smelly Hot Water

In most situations, smelly hot water is due to overtime accumulation of bacteria in the tank. We apply the most effective cleaning ways to get rid of any bacteria like the use of hydrogen peroxide.

d) Hot Water Heater Producing Strange Noises

If you hear hissing, knocking, popping or other unusual noises from your hot water heater, it’s most likely caused by scale build-up on the heating elements. Or too much build-up of sediments in the tank’s bottom. Besides, too much pressure, a leak somewhere or normal contraction/expansion can make it produce some strange noise. The best solution to such issues is finding an expert to fix them, and we are here to do so!

Other common hot water issues are rusty or dirty colored water, water being too hot, low or high pressure of hot water and leaking water heater. No matter the issue, just call us to rescue you!

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