What to Do a Pipe Bursts in Your Home?

However common in winters, the water pipe can surprise and burst open in your house. And, this calls for more trouble. People prefer to call up professionals to make sure that their pipes are treated well and replaced properly.

Steps to Follow if the Pipe Bursts in Home

  • Start by turning off the main water valve. First, you need to stop the water source from protecting the damage from the burst water pipe. Generally, the main valves are found in the basement or under the kitchen sink.
  • Next, you must focus on draining the pipes, So, you need to flush off each toilet and the other faucets. Let all the pipes dry out until there is no water remaining.
  • Next, you must turn off the water heater attached to it. Now it is time to shut down the heater and let the water bleed out from all the various outlets or faucets in the house.
  • To be more sure about your house and the electrical appliances, you must turn off the electricity. This will help keep the electrical appliances away from the contact of water that can bring more damages to the house.
  • You have to look for the pipe that has burst. It is easier to locate the larger ones but challenging to find the smaller ones. However, depending upon where you find bulging in the ceilings or pooling of water, the pipe location can be determined. If you find the leak, then immediately start treating it.
  • If you find the leak is too difficult for you to handle, you must call up the professionals and the experts for your assistance and have the proper service at your house.

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